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The Center for Strategic Leadership (CSL)'s areas of emphasis are experiential education, Senior Leader education, support to Army Senior Leader research, and support to both US Army War College (USAWC) and Army Senior Leader strategic communication efforts. CSL's professional staff and facility host, support, develop, and conduct world-class events (workshops, symposia, conferences, games, and exercises) focused on a broad range of strategic leadership and national security issues and concepts in support of the USAWC, the Army, and the Interagency and Joint Communities.

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Strategic Wargame Program

Interested in using wargaming within the classroom? The United States Army War College will be hosting a panel discussion focusing on innovative ways to introduce wargames into a seminar focused curriculum.

From the Director, CSL: "We cordially invite you to attend a panel discussion on "Innovation in the Classroom Involving Wargames", convened by the Department of Strategic Wargaming on 22 July 2017 at 10.00am-11.30am. The panelists are four distinguished educators within the Department of Defense. The location is the Army Heritage Education Center, which is adjacent to Carlisle Barracks, in Carlisle, PA, and does not require a pass or special entrance approval to access.

The speakers are Dr. Peter Perla (US Navy War College), Dr. Jim Lacey (US Marine Corps War College), Dr. David Lai (US Army War College), and Dr James Sterrett (US Army Command And General Staff College). The panel will begin at 10.00 AM and go until 11:30 AM. Lunch is available at the Cumberland Cafe (no-host) or bring your own. Demonstrations and play-testing of both original and commercial games, currently used in US Army War College classrooms, begins at 1300 and will run until 1600. Hope to see you there!

Center for Strategic Leadership celebrates 25 years experiential education

Current and former staff of the Center for Strategic Leadership turned an anniversary into a reunion, June 1 in Collins Hall. Recognizing the 25 years of service, CSL director Col. Chris Beckert dedicated a 25-year plaque with the assistance of Gen. J. Lawton Collins's daughter, Nancy Collins Rubino, while the many in attendance watched on.

Through your imaginative and innovative programs, you have helped forge a new generation of strategists who are uniquely capable of absorbing the experience-based lessons you have presented and forging them into new paradigms of thought in an age of great challenge and change. You have exceeded all the expectations that we had for the center at its conception during my tenure as Army Chief of Staff- Army Chief of Staff 1987 to 1991, GEN(R) Carl E. Vuono

Read the full article on www.armywarcollege.edu

WGAL-TV News feature on CSL & wargaming

WGAL News 8's Matt Barcaro took a look inside our "Strategic War Gaming Room" to see how we test strategies that go to the U.S. Army's Chief of Staff. CSL Director, COL Chris Beckert, along with Strategic Assessments & Operations Research Division Chief, COL Ken Gilliam, talked with the WGAL news team about the value CSL has brought to the Army over the last 25 years.

Watch the video on WGAL

International Fellows (IFs) "Matrix-Game"

On 18 May the Center for Strategic Leadership (CSL) hosted the incoming class of International Fellows (IFs) in a "matrix-game" exercise. Matrix-style games are the centerpiece of CSLs "Wargaming in the Classroom" program. They have been used in the core curriculum, electives and the Distance Education department of the School of Strategic Landpower (SSL). For the IF exercise, students were presented a set of strategic problems to solve using the "Kaliningrad" game developed by the Strategic Simulations Division. The exercise was primarily a team building event. But, it also served to introduce matrix games to the International Fellows as an experiential learning tool. At the end of the exercise, students were able to articulate strategy using the elements of national power and also built and strengthened relationships with their fellow students. Feedback from students and staff was universally positive. This exercise is under consideration for becoming a permanent part of IF orientation and integration.

CSL Facilitates a Strategic Staff Ride at Yorktown

Over the weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2017, the Center for Strategic Leadership facilitated the first strategic-level staff ride of the Yorktown battlefield in the Army War College's history. The team of faculty and experts, drawn mainly from the college's Strategic Wargaming Division, partnered with the 80th Training Command (Army Reserve) to examine the strategic insights drawn from one of America's most significant campaigns. The leadership of the 80th prepared and contributed throughout the event, focusing on developing their leadership for the complex challenges of the Army's generating force. Yorktown provided the perfect backdrop for their lessons.

On Friday night, the 5th of May, the War College team presented the strategic Context for the battle to the staff ride group from the 80th. Rather than focusing on the traditional tactical aspects of the battle, the War College team presented a fresh perspective by addressing the strategic themes of the Yorktown Siege. Over dinner, the War College team discussed the strategic ends of the British, Americans, and French as well the themes of trust, alliance, and mission command; themes which would be shown as important then as they are now.

On Saturday, May 6th, the War College team and 80th CMD leaders walked the battlefield to cover the strategic themes from several different points. While the War College team presented the facts and context of the battle, the 80th CMD members discussed the strategic importance of the battle's aspects as well as relation to modern conflicts. As the group stopped along the several points of the ride, they discussed topics such as alliances and coalition operations, C2 between forces, commander's intent, logistics, artillery, and strategic leadership finally ending at Surrender Field. Here, each member of the 80th was able to articulate their take away of the strategic importance of Yorktown as well as the lessons to be learned for strategic leaders and many appreciated the fresh perspective on a familiar battlefield.

While I was already familiar with the tactical decisions made and the execution of the battle on the ground, the AWC team did an excellent job of connecting the Strategic and Operational domains and goals to make clear why the battle, though seemingly small, was so important to American independence. - COL Christopher Govekar 80th Training Command

The Army War College team Consisted of COL Chris Beckert, COL Tony Manetta, COL Bethany Lenderman, Mr. Jim Markley (COL, ret.) and, MAJ Krisjand Rothweiler

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