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The Homeland Defense and Civil Support Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly and professional journal published quarterly by the Homeland Defense and Security Issues Group, U.S. Army War College.

As the threat of natural and man-made disasters increase, the paradigm for the employment of military forces in support of cognizant civil authorities is increasingly less defined. The Department of Defense, federal, state, and local agencies are well served to fully understand the complexity of the domestic operating environment before critical decisions are made and executed.

Similarly, the demands of traditional defense missions-whether in the air, land, sea, space, or cyber domains-are immediately made more complicated when executed within the territorial confines of the United States. Paying heed to the rights and well-being of our citizens in the process of protecting our citizens is not as automatic as one might imagine.

HDCS is designed to provide a strategic multi-disciplinary colloquium pertaining to all fields of domestic security within the United States. Particular attention in our forums will be devoted to the military component of that security, as specifically portrayed in homeland defense (HD) and defense support of civil authorities (DSCA) missions, interagency interactions, challenges, and legal implications.

HDCS encourages diversity in theoretical foundations, research methodologies (e.g., qualitative and quantitative), and approaches.

Academic and professional disciplines such as leadership, management, policy, futurism and innovations, cybersecurity, transnational criminal organizations, border security, multiagency, unilateral and multilateral approaches, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency are examples of topic areas of strategic relevance that will be addressed in the HDCS Journal.

HDCS publishes review articles, original empirical research, and analytic/conceptual works that contribute to a better understanding of strategic HD and DSCA issues. Each article should analyze and include implications for policy and practice.

Homeland Defense & Civil Support Journal

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