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Course Electives

CL2201 - Joint Land, Air, and Sea Simulation (JLASS) Wargame

JLASS-EX is a two-course, six-credit elective that provides experiential learning in the design and execution of campaign plans at the strategic level of crisis resolution. The course is designed to reinforce the principles in the six core courses through practical application at the strategic and high operational levels. Set in a futuristic (circa 2022) world scenario, JLASS-EX provides students the opportunity to role-play combatant commander and allied staffs. The course is ideally suited for planners and those anticipating assignments to the Joint Staff and joint commands. After conducting a theater assessment of the scenario, students will draft and refine a campaign plan to be executed in conjunction with the other Senior Level Colleges (SLCs) in a five-day, computer-assisted faculty-adjudicated wargame at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

CL2232 - Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)

This course concentrates on the Civil Support aspect of DoD's role in Homeland Security. Highlighting the law and policy environment whenever possible, it introduces students to all aspects of DSCA when DoD is not in the lead, but in support of other primary federal agencies. Course lessons will focus on how military and civilian agencies respond to natural disasters, terrorist incidents, civil disturbances, designated national special security events, and other domestic emergencies. Students will be able to understand the roles of DHS, DoD, and DOJ, to include subordinate agencies such as FEMA, USSS, FBI, US Army Corps of Engineers, and others in responding to a disaster and mitigating risk. Guest speakers consist of officials from a variety of government agencies and departments brought into the seminar classroom to bring up-to-date information about this emerging field of defense support. Students will demonstrate knowledge of DSCA in a practical exercise. Students will have an opportunity to take a field trip to the 3rd Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) at Fort Indiantown Gap and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) in Harrisburg. Upon completion of the elective, and the required DSCA Phase I course completion prerequisite, students will be awarded DSCA Phase II certification.

CL2236 - Homeland Security Policy and Strategy

This course applies the models and concepts developed in the Army War College core curriculum to the emerging homeland security sector. The focus of the course is on how this sector has been structured in the enabling legislation and how that structure has functioned in practice to develop and implement homeland security policy and strategy in the United States. Implementation will touch on all instruments of national power as well as intergovernmental nature of homeland security.

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