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Exercise and Conference Facilities

We have 45 rooms available to host exercises and conferences. There are small breakout rooms and large conference rooms that can accommodate from 10 to 72 personnel.

Our facilities include the Normandy Conference Room (72 personnel), the St Lo Executive Meeting Room(15 personnel), the 18th and 22nd Regimental Conference Rooms (40 personnel each), and 40 small breakout rooms (10-20 personnel each).

Collins Hall

We can provide a variety of information technology:

Video Teleconference Systems

An ISDV VTC is available in the Normandy Conference Room, the St Lo Conference Room, and a full 1st Floor VTC suite.


We offer a small selection of national and local TV channels. We can broadcast pre-recorded user provided content. We can broadcast events from the main conference room to other rooms.


We provide standard desktop computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Custom software requirements can usually be accommodated. Printers are available for common use.


We offer connections to the commercial internet and an exercise only internal private network.

Data storage

We can provide server based file storage.

For more information contact the CSL Operations Office at (717) 245-4534 or DSN (312) 242-4534

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