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Collins Hall is home to the Center for Strategic Leadership and Delevelopment (CSLD). A totally new construction, the building was completed and dedicated in July 1994. Collins Hall was named for General J. Lawton (Lightning Joe) Collins who served the nation for nearly 40 years, from his West Point graduation until his retirement in 1956. He was a member of the U.S. Army War College Class of 1938 and faculty member, 1938-1940; Commander of the 25th Infantry Division on Guadalcanal; VII Corps Commander from Normandy to the surrender of Germany; and Army Chief of Staff, 1949-1953. In 1950, through his personal efforts, General Collins reopened the Army War College and positioned it at the apex of the Army educational system, with a curriculum based on a deeper understanding of foreign affairs and national security policy, the study of the nature of future war, and the use of wargaming and simulation.

Collins Hall and its principal resident, the Center for Strategic Leadership and Development, serves as an education center and high technology laboratory focused on the decision making process at the interagency, strategic, and operational levels in support of the Army War College, combatant commanders, and senior army leadership. While simulations and wargaming have been used at the Army War College for many years, Collins Hall expands this capability. Built as a result of the vision of the Army's senior leadership, it represents a conscious decision to apply modern information-age technology to strategic-level decision making through wargames, simulations, conferences, seminars, and meetings in both the educational and operational setting. The facility provides computer and visual information tools, a talented staff, and communications nodes to support senior leaders in tackling high-level problems facing today's Army. Collins Hall is representative of the War College's continuing dedication to excellence into the 21st Century.

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