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Senior Leader Seminar (SLS)

SLS is a one-week leader development course that enhances the education of select senior Army colonels (generally 23 - 26 years of service), GS15 Department of the Army civilians and nominative position CSMs/SGMs who are either currently assigned, or projected for assignment, to key positions as advisors and staff officers for general officers and senior civilian leaders. The course also hosts select GS 15 federal civilians from across the U.S. interagency. The SLS offers an experience that is both broadening and educational, focused on increasing attendee preparation for service at the National level. The SLS is comprised of presentations and seminar sessions, facilitated by the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) faculty and mentored by a retired three star general officer senior facilitator. The SLS utilizes notable strategic level commentators from joint military, interagency, inter-governmental, non-governmental, media and academic communities to address current and future leadership, management, strategic and security issues. The course is offered twice annually at an off-site location.

Army Strategic Education Program - Advanced (ASEP-A)

ASEP-A is a required three-week strategic leader development course for recently promoted Major Generals and Major General-selects. The course provides a broad learning experience focused on thinking, leading, and communicating at the strategic level. Students will participate in required academic deliverables in persuasive writing, speaking on issues of strategic importance, and the provision of best military advice. The curriculum consists of presentations, seminar sessions, a case study, practical exercises, and experiential learning opportunities. The second week of the course consists of executive-level education at a top-tier business school and corporate engagement around the country, rotating each course iteration. ASEP-A includes notable and talented strategic level presenters from joint military, inter-governmental, non-governmental, business, media, and academic communities to address contemporary and future leadership, management, strategic, and security issues.

Army Strategic Education Program - Basic (ASEP-B)

ASEP-B is a required strategic leader development course for newly promoted BGs and COLs selected for promotion. The course is hosted by the Commandant, U.S. Army War College on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Army and is conducted in the National Capitol Region. It is the first component of the Army Strategic Education Program and provides a foundation for Army strategic leaders as they enter the general officer corps. The course further enhances individuals' understanding of personal and professional responsibilities as well as goals, statuses, and major issues of current Army programs. Spouses are invited and encouraged to attend the first week of the course, which includes a separate, concurrent curriculum specifically for them.

Army Strategic Education Program - Senior (ASEP-S)

ASEP-S is a required strategic leader development course for confirmed LTGs; portions of the course are personalized based on each individual's assignment. A much smaller class size than the other ASEP courses, students have the opportunity to personally interact with some of the most respected joint military, interagency, inter-governmental, academic, media and civilian leaders. ASEP-S enhances each general officer's ability to immediately impact the issues and challenges facing the Army and Joint Force. The latter part of the week consists of individually tailored engagements, providing each student the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with key personnel depending on his/her assignment.

Army Strategic Education Program - Transition (ASEP-T)

ASEP-T is a required strategic leader development course for LTG and below Active (USAR, as required) Component GOs; Generals (GENs) are welcome to attend in class; however, can be provided with a desk-side brief, as requested. The course prepares GOs for one of the more significant events of their lives, the transition from military life into the private sector. It includes critical administrative information regarding the processes of departing Army service. The course also provides GOs with comprehensive education on determining their personal private sector objectives and developing the skills and strategies to reach those objectives. Spouses are invited and encouraged to attend.

Nominative Leader Course (NLC)

The Nominative Leader Course (NLC) is a two week leader development course that prepares Sergeants Major (SGM) for their initial nominative-assignments. The course content is based on critical knowledge gaps derived from analysis of surveys and interviews of Army Senior Officer and NCO Leaders, along with SMA guidance and NLC student feedback.

The NLC is conducted at Carlisle Barracks, PA, Washington, DC and Gettysburg, PA. The Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) Nominative Sergeants Major Program Office (NSPO) schedules active component SGM for NLC attendance after they have been selected for their initial nominative assignments. Reserve component attendees are selected by their component's SGM management organization. The NLC Director operates under the oversight of the Director of the Center for Strategic Leadership (CSL) at the U.S. Army War College (USAWC), the USAWC CSM and the SMA. NLC is the capstone course of the U.S. Army's NCO Professional Development System (NCOPDS).

Combined Joint Force Land Component Commander Course (C/JFLCC)

C/JFLCC is a position-dependent strategic leader development course for general/flag officers and select senior civilians preparing to assume duties as either Commanders or senior staff officers in a Combined/Joint Force Land Component organization. The course prepares senior leaders to plan, coordinate, and conduct land-centric operations/campaigns in a joint, interorganizational, and multinational (JIM) environment. The curriculum utilizes scenario-driven exercises and seminar-style discussion to reinforce the foundational concepts of land-centric operations provided by presentation from senior joint military, interagency, and civilian leaders.

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