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Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Exercise

The Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Exercise (JLASS-EX), is a Special Program elective, and the only elective offered by all of the Senior Level Colleges. The course typically begins in November with individual classroom sessions, and culminates in April at Maxwell, AFB, at a warfighting exercise "fought" by all the Senior Level Colleges. CSLD leads the development of this unique multi-college offering throughout the year, and provides overall exercise direction at Maxwell. For more information about the JLASS-EX, contact the program manager at (717) 245-4964.


Unified Quest


Unified Quest is the Army's annual Title 10 Future Study Program comprising a series of wargames, seminars, workshops and conferences. It is the Army Chief of Staff's primary mechanism to explore enduring operational challenges and the conduct of operations in a future operational environment.

This year's Unified Quest campaign plan examines capabilities and capacities that likely will be required to meet strategic, joint force, and tactical challenges that the Joint Force and the Army expect to encounter from 2018 to 2025.

Georgetown University International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise

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For a number of years now the Center for Strategic Leadership at the U.S. Army War College has partnered with the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University to conduct a strategic-level negotiations exercise, intended to provide a experiential educational opportunity that helps illuminate and reinforce many of the concepts of policymaking, diplomacy, negotiation and strategy development taught at the school. Once again this year, members of the Operations and Gaming Division of the Center lent their support to the conduct of the International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE).

The ISCNE exercise at Georgetown is a voluntary event, but clearly popular. Its student participants, largely drawn from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, come from a broad cross section of foreign nations as well as from the United States.

The Strategic Negotiation exercise is scenario-driven, this year set in 2020, and is focused on the determination of national objectives and the development and execution of negotiation strategies to achieve them. Students are divided into seven teams representing nations with competing interests and are required to attempt to negotiate a consensus international response to an unstable situation in the region of the South Caucasus. During the exercise the teams initially have to formulate a strategy to both uphold the positions of their respective governments and acheive their objectives within the region while at the same time maintaining or improving relations with other nations involved in the region. Then the teams engage in an extended series of student-initiated bilateral and multi-lateral negotiations. Negotiating goals may include to end hostilities, to introduce international peacekeeping forces, to resolve various long-standing national and regional sovereignty issues, to acheive military withdrawal or even disarmament, to effect resettlement and to resolve different compensation issues, all in an effort to bring peace to the troubled region.

The Center for Strategic Leadership supports the Georgetown ISCNE exercise with scenario development, the provision of mentors for the student player cells, and a control team to manage overall execution of the two-half days' activities, as part of the US Army War College's overall strategic communication effort aimed at helping emerging strategic advisors and leaders better understand relationships and interactions between, and capabilities and limitations of, the various elements of national power (e.g., Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics).

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