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The USAWC, in partnership with HDQA G-3/5/7  and Army Futures Command, requests research papers on the "Role of Strategic Landpower in Future Joint and Combined Operations."  We welcome proposals from scholars, students, defense professionals, and others from the national security community on the following themes or related topics:

  1.  Campaigning, Integrated Deterrence, Competition, Cooperation, and Setting the Theater
  2.  Defending the Homeland, Defense Support of Civil Authorities, Disaster Relief, the Arctic,  Climate Change, Threats to the Homeland, Mobilization, and AC/RC Mix
  3. Leadership, Talent Management, Modernization, Readiness, the SECARMY’s Six Objectives
  4. Future Challenges, Strategic Gaps, Technology, Large Scale Combat Operations, Urban Operations, Multi-National Operations, and Integrating Joint Domains

Abstract Submission Guidelines:   Interested participants should submit an abstract of no more than 500  words and a CV. Abstract and CVs are due 1 October 2022. Include the thesis, methodology/sources, and how this piece advances the Landpower discussion. 

Paper Guidelines:  Papers should be 4,500 to 5,500 words, following the  Chicago Manual of Style.  Papers are due 15 January 2023 The best papers will be selected for presentation at the Symposium in May and considered for publication. Prizes may be awarded for the best papers.

Please note:   Submitted Submitted papers cannot have been previously published, under review with another outlet,  nor be forthcoming in any print or electronic publication.

You may download the poster of "Call For Papers" here



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