The USAWC Strategic Landpower Symposium 2022

The USAWC in partnership with HQDA G3/5/7  are pleased to announce the first annual Strategic Landpower Symposium (SLS), to solicit research and encourage professional discussion on "Strategic Landpower in Cooperation and Competition." This year we will examine: The Future Role of Strategic Landpower in: Integrated deterrence; Cooperation; Competition; and / or, Joint All Domain Operations. 

If you would like to present a paper to this years symposium please navigate to the registration tab at the top of this page. Then, choose the "I would like to present" option when registering. Papers should consider The Future Role of Strategic Landpower in: Integrated Deterrence; Cooperation; Competition; and/or, Joint All Domain Operations.  Paper Proposals must be received by 2 February 2022 and must include a brief (<250 words) abstract and a one page Curriculum Vitae. Complete paper submissions are due 25 February 2022. After expressing your interest to present on the online registration form you will receive further instruction via email on how to upload your resume, abstract, and papers for the symposium.

The research and products from this symposium will support HQDA and the Joint staff consideration of strategic Landpower challenges. Participation is open to subject matter experts from within the Department of Defense, the Senior Service Colleges, and select civilian institutions. 

The following topics are provided as examples for research addressing: The Future Role of Strategic Landpower in: Integrated deterrence; Cooperation; Competition; and / or, Joint All Domain Operations

  •  Military Operations in CONUS: Homeland Defense and Homeland Security, Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA), Disaster Relief, Information Considerations
  • The Role of Operations in other Domains on the Application of Strategic Landpower: Space / Cyber / Information, Maritime, Air
  • Technology and the Character of War: Autonomous Weapons / Artificial Intelligence / Hypersonic Weapons, Modernization, Integration of Information across Domains, Nuclear / Chemical / Biological Considerations
  • Law and Ethics of War: International Environment, US Environment, Multinational Considerations, Adversary Considerations
  • National Strategy and Policy: the Use of Force Short of War; the Total Force Structure, Basing, and Readiness; Meeting Regional Challenges; Mobilization, Deployment, and Expeditionary Operations; Setting the Theater
  • Cooperation and Competition: Opportunities, Challenges, Defense contributions to Stability Operations, Policy or Strategy Recommendations

US Army War College

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2022 Landpower Symposium

Dr. Gregory Cantwell

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MAJ Justin Magula (USA)

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