Documents For The 2022 LandPower Symposium

You may use the folders below to access and download supporting documents for this years symposium.

Supporting Documents Landpower
Name Modified
ADP 1_The Army.pdf 4/12/2022
ADP 3-0_Operations.pdf 4/12/2022
ATP 3-93_Theater Army Operations.pdf 4/12/2022
ATP 3-96.1_Security Forces Assistance Brigades.pdf 4/12/2022
ATP 4-94_Theater Sustainment Command.pdf 4/12/2022
CSA Paper 1 Mutli Domain Operations.pdf 4/12/2022
CSA Paper 2 The Army in Military Competition 1 March 2021.pdf 4/12/2022
FM 3-22_Security Cooperation.pdf 4/12/2022
FM 3-94_Armies, Corps, and Division, Operations.pdf 4/12/2022
FM 4-0_Sustainment Ops.pdf 4/12/2022
FM 6-05_Conventional Forces and SOF integration.pdf 4/12/2022
JDN 1-19_Competition Continuum.pdf 4/12/2022
Joint Concept for Integrated Campaigning.pdf 4/12/2022
Joint Operating Environment 2035.pdf 4/12/2022
JP 3-0_Joint Ops.pdf 4/12/2022
JP 3-07_stability.pdf 4/12/2022
JP 3-22_Foreign Internal Defense.pdf 4/12/2022
JP 3-31_Joint Land Ops.pdf 4/12/2022
TP525-3-1_The US Army in MDO 2028.pdf 4/12/2022
TP525-3-4_Future concept for Fires.pdf 4/12/2022
TP525-3-8_US Army Concept MDO at EAB 2025-2045.pdf 4/12/2022

US Army War College

Carlisle, PA 17013

2022 Landpower Symposium

Dr. Gregory Cantwell

(717) 245-3235

MAJ Justin Magula (USA)

(717) 245-4814