Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategies: The Direction and Intent


Comments of the Honorable John O. Marsh

Formulating Strategies for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Professor Bert B. Tussing

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection

Dr. Kent Hughes Butts

Federal Policy toward Critical Infrastructure Protection: a GAO Assessment

Michael Gilmore

Critical Infrastructure Protection: No Room for Complacency

The Honorable Paul H. McHale

Chapter 2: Critical Infrastructure Protection Strategies: The Effect


Professor Bert B. Tussing       

The View from the Pentagon

William Bryan 

Executing the National Vision from State and Local Government

Donald Keldsen          

Partnering in Defense Industrial Base Protection

William V. Ennis

Chapter 3: The Public-Private Partnership in Critical Infrastructure Protection


Frank Ciluffo

Challenges of the Partnership: Pulling Together the Public and Private Sectors

Marilyn Ware 

Sticks and Carrots: Incentives and Regulations for the Private Sector

Al Martinez-Fonts       

Breaching the Trust Barrier: Information Sharing for the Common Defense

Harrison D. Oellrich  

The Role of Cyber Insurance in Fighting the War on Terror

Ty R. Sagalow

Chapter 4: The Challenge under Examination


Colonel Scott Forster    

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Mapping Threats against Vulnerabilities

Jon MacLaren

Measured Response: Computational Experimentation and Training Environment for Homeland Security

Alok R. Chaturvedi, Paul Drnevich, and Shailendra Mehta   

The Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection Program: A Mission Assurance Solution

Dan Mathis     

Appendix A: The Federalist No. 8

Appendix B: The Asset Prioritization Model

Appendix C: Conference Attendees